theatre in public spaces


"You absolutely blew everyone away"


a walkabout for individuals

A playful encounter with an elegant devil searching for her sweetheart. Inspired by Glasgow's dance halls. Dare to say yes and dance like everyone's watching. Remember times when you lost yourself on the dancefloor. You might even lose your heart!

Devised&performed by Diane Thornton

Designed by Fergus Dunnet

Dance Consultant Ruth Mills

Commissioned by UZ Arts

Galoshans Festival 2016

Surge Festival 2017


a walkabout for all

This trio of charity muggers are not what they seem. The Werewomen prowl the streets with the quick instincts of a lean hunting machine. Or they would, if only they were better at being wolves...

Character clowning, parkour, slapstick and (silly) scares!

Devised and performed by Suzie Ferguson, Beth Frieden and Diane Thornton

Designed by Fergus Dunnet

Photo by Eoin Carey

Commissioned by Surge

Physical Fest 2017

Surge Festival 2017


a clown trio

These three women hold your life threads in their hands. They see into your past, help you find your lost keys and unravel the mysteries of your future.

The Weird Sisters have astonished audiences on streets and as a cabaret act at Clown Cabaret Scratch Night.

Devised and performed by Suzie Ferguson, Diane Thornton and Lucy McGreal

Designed by Fergus Dunnet

Music by John Kielty

Outside Eye Melanie Jordan

Galoshans Festival 2017

Clown Cabaret Scratch Night Spring 2018

Clown Cabaret Special Edition @Manipulate Festival 2019