Current Work


We're developing our next production with support from Dunoon Burgh Hall. Galapagos! explores the tragic history of the (delicious) Galapagos giant tortoises which were eaten to the brink of extinction by European explorers including Darwin. It's  play about how we make decisions, how we live with the consequences, and how we understand each other's perspectives.

We have been working live and on zoom with local young people and with visiting artists from the worlds of devised theatre, playable narratives, physical comedy and sea shanties. Watch this space...

Galapagos! core creative team: Diane Thornton, Suzie Ferguson, Fergus Dunnet, Ben Winger

Image by Mihaela Bodlovic


An interactive theatre performance for young audiences with complex additional support needs

"Magnificent! Expressive, creative, interactive, magical, skilled! It met our pupils’ sensory needs and MORE!" Craigmarloch School

"Enjoyable, well-pitched, stimulating. Great example of the value of silence and non-verbal communication." Castleview School

Work Available For Touring

Call of Nature

Outdoor theatre for families

Two expert fools take an audience on a site-responsive adventure in search of a rare egg.

A performance that puts its young audience in the driving seat and responds to their decisions using character clowning, improvisation and puppetry.

"Engaging and entertaining. Something totally new for our audiences. People loved it!” Lyth Arts Centre

Devised and performed by Suzie Ferguson, Diane Thornton, Fergus Dunnet and Colin Moncrieff

Designed by Fergus Dunnet

Dramaturgy by Pauline Lynch

Performer (D&G tour) Ben Winger

Image by Jassy Earl

2016-2019: Dumfries&Galloway Arts Live, Edinburgh Science Festival, Lyth Arts Centre Family Festival, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Puppet Animation Scotland Festival, Woodend Barn, Barrhead Waterworks, Platform Easterhouse, Belville Community Garden, Mount Stuart, Castle Toward, Carradale woods

The Weird Sisters

A clown trio for streets and venues

These three women hold your life threads in their hands. They see into your past, help you find your lost keys and unravel the mysteries of your futue.

“The Weird Sisters absolutely blew everyone away” The Tempohouse

Devised and performed by Suzie Ferguson, Diane Thornton and Lucy McGreal

Designed by Fergus Dunnet

Music by John Kielty

Outside Eye Melanie Jordan

Images by Rich Dyson Photography

Galoshans Festival 2017

Clown Cabaret Scratch Night Spring 2018

Clown Cabaret Special Edition at Manipulate Festival 2019


Street Theatre

The Werewomen prowl the streets with the quick instincts of a lean hunting machine. Or they would, if only they were better at being wolves...Character clowning, parkour, slapstick and (silly) scares!

Devised and performed by Suzie Ferguson, Beth Frieden and Diane Thornton

Designed by Fergus Dunnet

Commissioned by Surge

Image by Eoin Carey

Physical Fest 2017

Surge Festival 2017

Past Work 

Dance wi' the Deil

A street performance for individuals

A playful encounter with an elegant devil searching for her sweetheart. Inspired by Glasgow's dance halls. Dare to say yes and dance like everyone's watching. Remember times when you lost yourself on the dancefloor. You might even lose your heart!

Devised and performed by Diane Thornton

Designed by Fergus Dunnet

Dance Consultant Ruth Mills

Commissioned by UZ Arts

Image by Ingrid Mur

Galoshans Festival 2016

Surge Festival 2017

Are you going UP?

A site-specific adventure for families

Made for Edinburgh International Children's Festival Opening Weekend, produced by Imaginate at the National Museum of Scotland. This accessible performance transformed ordinary journeys in lifts and on stairs into epic expeditions.

"Thank you! Truly wonderful” Audience member

Devised and performed by Diane Thornton, Lucy McGreal and Emily Goodwin

Image by Ruth Armstrong

Edinburgh International Children's Festival Opening Weekend 2018

Bespoke Theatre Adventures

for Dunoon Burgh Hall

Mudskippers Make Believe was an introduction to theatre for the very young using visual performance, object manipulation and song. We devised and performed Ruby and the Red Feather, a short play about the joy of being outdoors whatever the weather.

"I felt immediately that we had stumbled across something special” Audience member

Devised and performed by Diane Thornton and Lucy McGreal

Dunoon Burgh Hall, August 2018. Supported by Argyll and Bute's Health and Wellbeing Fund